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Let's reframe what lazy means and how it can benefit creativity.

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Lazy Creat-

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There are creativity resources here for anyone looking to become a more creative person. Lazy Creativity is about making time and effort to use that creativity for something outside of the ordinary of our daily routines, no matter how small. 


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Creativity Resources

Check out the below resources to kick-start your own creativity!

Reading a Book


This book is a MUST read. I felt so inspired and refreshed after finishing this book. If you love to create, whichever way you choose, I highly recommend taking this book for a spin.


Want to learn more about Lazy Creativity or grab a copy of your own? Click on the link below!

—  Rachel M. Patterson, Reedsy

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Lazy Creativity

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Ugly Creativity


Ugly Creativity is more than a creativity journal – it’s a guide to navigating the gritty, challenging, and downright Ugly sides of creativity

Included in this book are 60 pages to journal your ideas, plans, and progress. If you’re feeling ambitious you can take the Ugly Creativity 60 Day Challenge, meaning you create and log your progress every day for 60 days.

Want to learn more about Ugly Creativity or grab a copy of your own? Click on the link below!

Good UX is efficient and allows users to be as lazy as possible ​while accomplishing their goals while using a product. It doesn't mean cutting corners but it does mean prioritizing efficiency and quality. UX involves empathy, psychology, and good design. Learn more about my process and approach to UX.