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I am an author, UX designer academic advisor, art therapist, researcher, and designer living and working in MN. I have an interest in the power of creativity, including how we use creativity to change ourselves and alter how we look at and live in the world around us. I'm interested in using creative thinking and processes to solve complex problems.

My brand of creativity is little by little, piece by piece, mark by mark. It’s creating something, either tangible or intangible, even when I don’t have a lot of energy or time. It’s thinking about ideas and giving them permission to grow and influence how I operate, even if just for mere minutes in a day. I wanted to create a space that is solely dedicated to creativity and creativity resources. This website is a space to learn, grow, and celebrate all things creativity.  Together, we can make this space Our Creative Community. 


For a list of my services, please visit my Services Page.


Kyle Bernier

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