• kylebernier

Here's a free gift (and an ask)!

That's right, as part of my recognition for being awarded a Reader's Favorite Book Award Winner, I'm giving out a free digital version of Lazy Creativity to my wonderful subscribers - that means you!

If you're interested in downloading the free PDF copy, just click on the link below:

Lazy Creativity PDF
Download PDF • 469KB

I understand many of you already have a copy of your own - I hope it's full of dog-ears (unless you're a reader who finds that abhorrent) and hand-written notes. That's okay, feel free to download this version too. You can keep it on your phone or tablet when you need a creative kick in the butt.

Here are some other ideas for what you can do with this free copy:

  • Share it with someone you think might benefit from it (who isn't swear-word averse...sorry mom)

  • Offer it up to your LinkedIn followers in a post. Let's spread some creativity!

  • Send it to your team at work in an email - maybe you can make a creativity workshop or book club about it!

  • Simply forward this email to a friend

However you interact with this email is fine. The biggest takeaway here is THANK YOU!

Thank you for your continued support - I wouldn't have gotten this far without it. Keep on creating and staying curious.