I draw upon my experience as an artist, advisor, designer, researcher and counselor to create designs and experiences for people that focuses on the little details that make our lives more enjoyable and functional. I use empathy and true listening to better understand what it is a person is asking for, whether in conversations, art, design, or the products they interact with on a daily basis. It is impossible to take people out of design and experiences - embrace it.

This website, Our Lazy Creativity is a testament to my love for user experience and design. I regularly conduct informal research to learn about how I can improve the site and make it as accessible as possible. 


Below are some of my projects:


A logo of a book for the Bookstore app

Studio Space

A geometric logo for the Studiospace website

Pro Dev Plan

A circular logo for the Professional Development Plan app and website
Image of Pro Dev Plan homescreen on Mac computer
Phone with Pro Dev Plan app
Phone Home Hifi with computer – 3.png
Phone Home Hifi with phone – 1.png