I draw upon my experience as an artist, advisor, designer, researcher and counselor to create designs and experiences for people that focuses on the little details that make our lives more enjoyable and functional. I use empathy and true listening to better understand what it is a person is asking for, whether in conversations, art, design, or the products they interact with on a daily basis. It is impossible to take people out of design and experiences - embrace it. Below are some of my projects:




artentri logo blue-02.png
Copy of artentri site map for UX. Features squares, lines, and arrows
image of wireframe with squares, lines, and text

Putting together the final product was a lot of fun. I had to decide which features should be included in the mobile app that would add to making the app as user-friendly as possible. This included easy-to-use buttons and selection options.

To view the app, please visit here


Dynamic Web Design

image of website home page by Barbara Fish

Barbara Fish Art Therapy

I worked on Dr. Barbara Fish's art therapy website which showcases her experiences, art, and services provided in this professional online portfolio. This site is easy to navigate and houses information about past educational and clinical experiences. This site includes the latest trends in therapy websites.

Image of a group of seven women in front of trees

Megan Emily Photography

Megan Emily Photography is an online portfolio and web portal to Megan's business. This site features a mobile-friendly version and houses her prices in an easy-to-navigate page that is inviting without distracting from her work.

home page of website "Stepping Stone"

Stepping Stone

This project involved a lot of collaboration - the client had a site that needed updating and help with SEO and navigation. I conducted a couple research sessions where I gathered feedback from the client to figure out her goals for the site.

Custom Graphics